In a recent article about racy language on NBC, the Washington Post's Lisa de Moraes was forced to come up with new ways to express the letter F. It seems the crusty aristocracy at the Post deemed it too indecent to print the entire acronym MILF (stands for "Annoying Term That Needs To Go Away"), which features prominently in an upcoming episode of 30 Rock. So, unable to use the wicked sixth letter, de Moraes, rather amusingly, wrote around it: "...the staff of the late-night show 'TGS' has become obsessed with a new reality hit called 'MIL[letter that's been deemed too naughty for The Washington Post when it follows M, I and L] Island.'" Hah. [Radosh] May I suggest something more suitable to the dusty snoots at the WaPo? Perhaps MIWER: Mother I Would Enjoy Rogering. Or, even more proper, MWWIWLTTAR: Matron With Whom I Would Like To Take a Turn About the Room. Any other suggestions?