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The city council of Sebastopol, home to tech publisher Tim O'Reilly, voted unanimously last week to cancel the city's agreement with allowing the company to set up a free Wi-Fi network. Why? Because a few residents complained of electromagnetic sensitivity. And by "residents" I mean "crazy nutjobs." O'Reilly's Dale Dougherty rounded up some typical comments:

I have had health challenges, and my body cannot handle gives me headaches and makes me very sick. I would be unable to go to the store, shop. I have enough problems being limited in my travels, it is outrageous that a place so environmentally conscious would create this in our/my hometown. In Europe they are much more advanced than us, and there wifi is not allowed in cities in the European commonwealth.

If I touch a coathanger to my fillings and hold it at just the right angle, I can tune in to hear AT&T and Comcast executives cackling. (Original photo by Leslie Hunziker)