Editor. Fighter. Consultant. Lover of men and women. Is there anything that Neal Boulton, editor of gay mag Genre, is not? Apparently no, according to this tip that not only showcased a new side of Neal, but explained his narrative thus far: "Easter Sunday we saw him and his band performing in Dumbo at a park... who knew the guy could get up and play guitar and fucking sing Springsteen and shit. Can you please out me to my girlfriend so that she will begin to want to have more sex with me. Better, can you out me so that she breaks up with me so that I can go out and pick up more women!?"

According to Neal,

"Too funny. The only reason I sing Springsteen is because I am old and I can't sing. At the end of the day the only reason I do this is because I'm still just trying to impress Claire really. (..and wear sunglasses and play guitar in front of the two or three unsuspecting tourists who might be in attendance). Sorry, no videos exist that I am aware of thank god. Please apologize to New York City for booking me, I love to jam but I kind of know I suck. Maybe I should hang up the shades and start selling my wingman skills. They seem to be in demand."

He's just being self-effacing: we're sure he doesn't suck. At guitar or singing, that is.