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After being subjected to 18 years worth of sweeping up the giant tufts of rogue body hair that accumulated in the shower drain each and every morning, Marsha Garces Williams has filed for divorce from her husband, the terrifyingly hirsute funnyman Robin Williams. Citing irreconcilable differences (the legal statute, not the 1984 Ryan O'Neal / Drew Barrymore vehicle), the (soon to be former) Mrs. Williams is seeking spousal support and custody of the pair's youngest daughter, Cody. While this is certainly sad news, we did discover one interesting tidbit about the pair in the report filed by (Must! Credit!).

Did you know that Robin and Marsha met while A) he was married to another woman and B) she was working as her nanny? Wowzers! Not only had we failed to recognize Williams as the nanny-schtupping type, but now our entire perspective on Mrs. Doubtfire has shifted. Can't believe we missed out on that subtext for all these years. Fingers crossed that Netflix is back online, this one's headed straight to the top bottom of our queue.