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Whoo boy, LAT, this does not look good. According to The Smoking Gun, the alleged FBI documents the newspaper relied upon in their bombshell report accusing Sean "Diddy-Puffy-Puff Daddy-Sean John-P.Diddy" Combs's associates of having carried out the 1994 shooting of Tupac Shakur were forged. The culprit? Incarcerated con man named James Sabatino, a portly wigga with a vivid imagination and a desperate need to inject himself by any means necessary into the great hip-hop events of the latter 20th Century. From The Smoking Gun's report:

In fact, however, Sabatino was little more than a rap devotee, a wildly impulsive, overweight white kid from Florida whose own father once described him in a letter to a federal judge as "a disturbed young man who needed attention like a drug.

[A]n examination of the three documents revealed that the bodies of the respective "302s" were actually created on a typewriter...[but] agents ceased using typewriters about 30 years ago. [...]

Riddled with spelling and grammatical errors, the purported "302" documents vary sharply from standard FBI reports in terms of phraseology and use of certain acronyms. [...]

Most telling, though, are the obvious similarities...between the purported "302s" and certain court filings created by Sabatino while he has been incarcerated at Allenwood.

Well Diddy told us it wasn't true. now prominently features a story headlined, "Validity of Tupac documents probed," in which they cite TSG's investigation, and report that "Editor Russ Stanton said today he will launch an internal investigation into the authenticity of [the] documents." Sabatino, meanwhile, has managed to accomplish what he set out to do: become a supporting player in the Tupac mythos. That he had the wherewithal to dupe veteran investigative reporters using nothing more than an Allenwood Federal Correctional Complex-issue typewriter suggests to us that this is just the beginning of a beautiful career, with "Script Docta" Sabotino becoming Hollywood's go-to guy for gangsta-cred punch-ups.