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In a stunning development that could throw into jeopardy the jobs of millions of blue collar Americans working in the top-model-refining industry, Tyra Banks may have finally had it with the reality TV competition that effectively launched her star, OK! magazine reports. Things have reportedly gotten "so bad" on the set between Tyra and photo-shoot taskmaster Mr. Jay (who—little known fact—can control the weather by merely rolling back his eyeballs!) that the two "aren't speaking." Even more disturbing, Tyra "only wants to show up on judging day," waiting for the camera's red light to come on before phoning in trademark advice like, "There's a big difference between [wild-eyed facial expression] and [totally fierce facial expression]."

The report claims she instead wants to focus on her talk show, with recent blue-chip guests like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton having given the aspiring supermogul a taste of what it truly means to have the Oprah-level power she craves so much. Presiding over the weave-yanking exploits of a houseful of aspiring boat show hostesses seems a lot less glamorous when there's an eight-hour foam-latex application waiting for you at your day job, that you might give your viewers a more accurate first-hand account of what it feels like to live your life as a 700-lb transexual sex-worker.