After billing The Moment of Truth as a brilliant Frankenshow combining the most intriguing aspects of F. Lee Bailey's Lie Detector, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and Cheaters, the culmination of a life's work for Fox's President of Apocalypse-Expediting Alternative Entertainments Mike Darnell failed to really deliver on its life-destroying promise. Not even a desperate casting stunt that replaced the show's evil robot voice with a string of celebrity she-bots (Small Wonder, Rosie from The Jetsons, Richie Rich's Irona) managed to really hook viewers.

But now the gloves are off: With the season drawing to a close, producers claim to "have saved the worst for last." In a promo all but guaranteeing a life-evisceration in-the-round, ominous words like "shocking," "destroys," and "housewife" are casually tossed about. Also featured: frequent cutaways to the unlucky husband, whose very soul appears to be draining right before our eyes with every question, as if his entire being was squeezed through a citrus presser. Will lives be destroyed? Tune in and see! (Or spend a quality hour with your spouse explaining how badly you've always wanted to bang their best friend and/or accidentally blew some of the nest egg on a coke habit, and watch the far-more-entertaining 60-second web recap instead.)