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In what amounts to a public job application to Motorola CEO Greg Brown, Numair Faraz, former assistant to Razr creator Geoffrey Frost, slams the company and former CEO Ed Zander for astounding ineptitude. Catch the full story over at Gizmodo or see our 100-word version below.

After making repeated attempts to contact you via your office, I am forced to write this open letter to publicly air my grievances concerning Motorola.

Faraz continues:

As I told the company's senior designers at Motorola's 75th anniversary meeting: create something cooler and more expensive than anything else out there, and everyone will want it.

Zander ... seemed to care more about his golf score than running one of America's greatest corporations.

Many believe Ed Zander worked Geoffrey to death, putting the pressure of the fate of the company in his hands ... Ed Zander continued to reap the dividends of Geoffrey's work, and the company made billions in profit from overselling the RAZR. He had the audacity to say "well, maybe Geoffrey should have come up with a better successor to the RAZR," and told me to "wait for big things in 2008." I guess he was right — he got a big golden parachute, and exited out of the company.

Maybe it sounds like I take the downfall of Motorola personally; I do. It was my experience at Motorola, with people like Geoffrey and all of the loyal employees who still remain, that taught me that Corporate America can and should be; now, with people such as Zander and yourself, Motorola symbolizes the worst of Corporate America.

I've been there when Motorola's handset division was brought back from the brink of death 5 years ago; follow my advice, and we can do it again.