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Boing Boing, the most popular blog for all other blogs to steal fun stories from, ruled Internet conversation about weird distracting things until sites like Digg came along. Now that it's no longer the first place to find a meme, the site is even cooler (which I blame on the authors' dedication to posting whatever the hell they want). One of those four authors, Cory Doctorow, has started blogging at an IBM-sponsored blog about how he, like, never needs to check his e-mail and doesn't even read the Internet any more.

Honestly Doctorow's just showing that busy plugged-in people can start reasonable habits, an old idea that most people (me) still can't accept, instead leaving open a 200-person buddy list and watching little Gmail notifications in the corner of the screen because OTHERWISE I COULD MISS A BIG STORY OH DEAR LORD.

After all, if you are not already cracking jokes within 22 minutes of a celebrity's death is announced on Drudge, you are irrelevant.