Award-Winner Spike Lee Blazes New Trails in Acceptance-Speech Racial Tension

In L.A. this week to accept the Chrysler-sponsored Behind the Lens award for 25 years of filmmaking and shit-stirring par excellence, Spike Lee took a moment to thank the Italian producers who supported his latest film, Miracle at St. Anna, before unloading a potent spray of ammo from which wounded attendees are still recovering in intensive care units and barricaded studio offices all over town. As THR's Risky Business blog reports:

Lee continued on what he called his "little tirade," addressing the African-American industryites in the audience and telling them it didn't matter what kind of car they drove or how big their houses are, "we're way behind in film," adding "None of them look like you. The only black guy I see is the brother man at the security gate."
He joked that the studios are "sneaking black faces" into the board room to make it look like they're integrated, but what they're really doing is plucking blue-collar workers and dressing them up for the meeting. "Then you leave and they kick their asses back to the mail room," he quipped.

Or, in Lee's case, back to Italy, where his relatively low-budget St. Anna and other projects have found the backing that has proven inconsistent at best in the States. Lee's "jokes" and "quips" are likely to change all that, however, as the enlightened crowd of white executives discreetly fleeing the Beverly Wilshire speculated at the valet stand about that hilarious dude with the hat and the earring who might be perfect for his own sitcom this fall. Paired up with Jeff Zucker, for instance? Lee could be unstoppable.