Conan O'Brien was the lead guest on The Tonight Show last night, and he graciously left behind his tape measure and fabric swatches, while Jay Leno kept his passive aggressive put-downs of his scheduled usurper to a comfortable minimum. Among his entertaining anecdotes, Conan recalled the time he hosted the Emmys of two years ago—before Fox got their cracked-out claws into them, and transformed the ceremony into a one-ringed-circus presided over by Master of Women's-Footwear-Identifying-Ceremonies Ryan Seacrest. Describing the tense scene from the wings, Conan recalled an increasingly desperate stage manager giving a live play-by-play of the Charlie's Angels diva-feud that could very well have altered the course of Aaron Spelling Production cast reunion history forever.

Apparently, two weren't speaking to the third until literally seconds before they took the stage. Conan didn't name names, and Leno, failing to realize that identifying the Angel serving diva bitchitude would ingratiate him with angry Gays, didn't press him on the matter. After taking in Conan's story, we invite you to revisit the reunion, and decide for yourselves which was the odd-Angel-out. Our bet's on brunettes vs. blonde.