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Attention Defamer operatives: You have been slacking on your PrivacyWatch duties! Today's installment is verging on pitiful. We command you to wander the streets until you successfully spot a celebrity, then rush back to the nearest keyboard-equipped telecommunications device to breathlessly type up your dispatch. Submit yours to tips[AT] (please put "sighting" or "PrivacyWatch" in the subject line so we don't lose them), so that everyone can read about how you Giovanni Ribisi needs Magnum condoms.

In today's episode: Quentin Tarantino; Keanu Reeves; Michael Rapaport; Giovanni Ribisi; Ray Liotta; Peter Berg and Henry Winkler; Chris Noth; Anthony Kiedis; Billy Baldwin; Dina Meyer; and Brad Beyer.

· Saturday, 3/23
Quentin Tarantino was downing something fruity with one of those dragon stirrers in it at Good Luck. He was with a couple of completely average looking (you know, pretty but not Hollywood pretty) women and was bigger (both lengthwise and widthwise) than I would have thought. The indie bartenders were all atwitter...and probably actually on Twitter.

· 1. Sunday March 16th. Michael Rapaport at Fred Siegel on Melrose. Sitting at the entrance of the restaurant starring into space or at everyone who enters. Very rabid and intense looking. Aggressively picking his teeth. One shoe dangling off of his foot. Prominent bald spot.

2. Wednesday March 19th. Keanu Reeves at Locanda Veneta West 3rd dining with 3 women. One woman looked very similar to Parker Posey, perhaps it was? Very discreet, he sat facing away from entrance.

3. Thursday March 20th. Giovanni Ribisi at Long's Drugs across from the Beverly Center. The extremely skinny Scientologist with very tight jeans had finished his purchases at the check out and then turned his full cart around and went back into the store and came back to the cashier with epsom salts and box of Magnum Condoms [Ed.: Ahem].

· Ray Liotta was right next to me at Gold's Gym in Venice yesterday March 20th on the chest machine. The guy has had a lot of work done.

· Two interesting celebrities dining at Pizzeria Mozza Saturday late lunch/early dinner: Peter Berg, dining with a lovely lady and Henry Winkler, seemingly with family.

· It's a biggie! Who has gotten a tan, touched up his roots and is looking a whole lot better? Mr Big himself, Chris Noth. Spotted on Sunset Blvd & Horn Ave, across from the old Tower Records and Spago in a white t-shirt and blue sweatpants. Looks like he's been working out. Still has a belly, but it looks OK in that high school gym teacher way. Nice meaty ass too! I'd say he looks powerful.

· March 18 - So I'm pretty sure I just saw Anthony Kiedis mad riding a skateboard on the lumpy, snaggy, uneven sidewalk down Sunset in Silverlake, (like slaloming!), with baby in his arms. Mama was walking behind.

· sunday (3/24) on the starbucks patio in beverly hills (s. beverly drive) i was sitting next to william 'billy' baldwin (and cute daughter). he was wearing a funny hat and plaid pants. i really enjoyed his work in backdraft.

· I've seen the ubiquitous Dina Meyer with her ever present "galpal" THREE times in 3 days. One woman you don't see for years unless she's dying on-screen but lately she's everywhere (at least in Santa Monica)! Late Sunday night she was with her galpal at Bob's Market on Ocean Park buying wine and cheese. Then saw her Monday just on 6pm at It's a Grind on SaMo & 6th, they were crammed in a corner sipping lattes and reading what looked like a script together. Then again yesterday (Tues) she was gassing up the must-have celeb vehicle - silver Prius at Shell on Lincoln & Pico with same friend again. Don't mind running into her at all - she's aging very nicely!

· Friday, 3-21-08, 1:30pm: Brad Beyer, the tall and handsome blonde and blue-eyed stoic farmer from "Jericho," on Santa Monica Main Street, wearing his trademark aviators. HOTTTT!!!! Didn't Les Moonves just dink this show? f so, that would explain the Chenbot looking female who beaned him with a 2 lb pound bag of peanuts thrown from her Mercedes convertible right at the time of this sighting..