Julia Allison is the new Carrie Bradshaw. I didn't say it! The Times compared the now-I-want-fame-now-I-don't dating columnist to her fictional predecessor in a three-page profile. According to the Times, Gawker "can't help adding snarky and even vicious commentary" to every bit of Julia news. But I'm the writer who likes Julia (she can change!) so I'll leave the commentary to you. I'm terribly fascinated with everyone's reaction to the excerpt below:

In one episode, Carrie does debate whether it is proper etiquette to contact an old boyfriend by e-mail; on another occasion, a boyfriend dumps her by leaving a Post-it on her computer. Ms. Allison, by contrast, may be best known for her online breakup earlier this year with a boyfriend with whom she once shared a blog, jakobandjulia.com, where they would tell readers details of their life together. Hundreds commented, both on their blog and elsewhere, as the relationship dissolved through a series of nasty posts. Soon afterward, her ex appeared, seminaked, on the blog of a woman they both knew.

Asked how it feels to end a relationship in public like that, Ms. Allison nods her lovely head and gazes into the distance. "People were preying on my pain," she says, her voice not quite cracking. "It was hell."

There's also a video interview with Julia called "Web and the Single Girl", in case you've never seen Julia talk about herself.

Ahahahaha, I couldn't even type that with a straight face.