Everyone's upset about midseason replacement shows. On Fox, Amy Sherman-Palladino's high-profile The Return of Jezebel James (almost as wretched and unwatchable as her previous effort, Gilmore Girls) has been summarily canceled, while the fates of other middling shows like Canterbury's Law (about... a... lawyer) and Unhitched (about people who aren't married) remain unknown. Other crap like CBS' Welcome to the Captain (already gone) and ABC's Miss Guided (I love Judy Greer but the show is not good) also disappointed. The networks are blaming the strike, of course, saying they had no popular shows on which they could advertise upcoming flaming disasters like New Amsterdam and Lipstick Jungle. I blame whoever gives television shows names like Lipstick Jungle, Canterbury's Law, and Welcome to the Captain. [Reuters via EW] After the jump, clips of terrible TV.

The Return of Jezebel James


Canterbury's Law