Remember when Hillary Clinton told that crazy lie about flying into Bosnia with Sinbad and evading sniper fire and killer robots or something, and it turned out she just stepped off a plane and heard a poem from a little girl? The New York Post finally tracked down that little girl, who is now 20. And they took a hilarious photo of her looking serious and holding up the poem. Headline: "FROM BAD TO VERSE FOR HILL." What does that even mean? The little girl was just confused by Senator Clinton's crazy story of snipers and werewolves so the Post found some random other Bosnians who were outraged, angered, and disappointed. Representative quotes:

Sema Markovic, 22, student: "It is an ugly thing for a politician to tell lies. We had problems for years, and I don't like when someone lies about them. It makes us look bad."

29-year-old Midhat Efendira: "It was a horrible lie."

Sead Numanovic, deputy editor-in-chief of Bosnia's largest newspaper: "We don't have space for someone's lies. Why is she so stupid?"

The little poet girl still loves Hillary Clinton, but refuses to say who she'll support in the coming election.