Arguably the last Hollywood reach-around that still truly matters, it's hardly a surprise to see some of the world's biggest stars line up for their turn to get slimed at the Nickelodeon's Kids Choice Awards—a relatively minor price to pay to ingratiate yourself to a new generation of prepubescent fans, who'll come away viewing you not just as some relic steeped in old-man smell, but as certified lunchbox-adornment material.

In Saturday night's live broadcast, Harrison Ford (who, in deference to his surroundings, had only Sunny D swishing around the ice-filled highball glass he totes around to all awards ceremonies) recreated perhaps one of the most iconic sequences in modern cinematic history: The Raiders of the Lost Ark idol/sandbag switch-off. It was a clever bit of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull promotion, particularly in the moments immediately after Ford stole a taste of the non-toxic green goop that covered him, as the oldest man in the room was then made to outrun a rolling 500 ton gobstopper while avoiding a swarm of deadly Pixy Stix blowdarts launched at him from the kids-only crowd.