Lauren Goldstein Crowe, the Portfolio fashion blogger, posted her last post today. She continued the grand tradition of bloggers on their way out: the big fuck-you last post. Noted was Moe from Jezebel and other alleged meanies of the internet, who she had been advised to ignore. But she couldn't help herself!

I think it was the fairly harmless post I wrote on Manolo Blahnik joining the internet revolution that first drew my attention to the posts that were being written about me on Jezebel, part of the Gawker Media empire. (They'd been calling me Laurie Goldstein Crowe for a while...) I hadn't been bullied that badly since Vicki Dembo put my red patent-leather boots with the white platform heels into the trash can in 6th grade.

It kind of stung but the absurd number of mistakes they made — calling me Laurie, saying that I hated the Tom Ford store when in fact I loved it (note to Moe: time to cut back on those uppers!) — lessened the bite. I was advised by my fairy blogfather Felix Salmon not to respond unless I could be funny enough — and I couldn't, so I didn't. Good advice!

...I took solace in the fact that the hated-by-Gawker club included many people I have worked with and consider friends, including "3-olives-a-day" Anne Slowey and Joel Stein, and that the items on me generated very few hits, so the people writing them weren't earning much money off my back.

Oh, meow, Laurie. Bonjour!

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