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Break out the picket signs, the corporate scabs, and the Woody Guthrie songs, because it's time for all the proletarians in the Time Warner building to unite for a good old-fashioned boycott! Of the exclusive, employee-only Park Cafe! According to a righteously angry email being passed among CNN employees on the 7th floor, "on April 1 (Next Tuesday) prices are going up, frequent diner cards are being eliminated and the place will now close an hour earlier at 2:30p every day. If ever a situation called for a BOYCOTT... THIS IS IT!" By god, I can almost hear Samuel Gompers and Big Bill Haywood clawing their way out of their graves to rush to these employees' assistance! So what are the workers fighting to protect? An inside tipster describes the Park Cafe's democratic atmosphere:

Note: this cafe is reserved for Time Warner employees and employees under its conglomerate. It is on the 10th floor of the Time Warner building.

First things first, you must purchase a card and put money on it to eat here, or use a credit card or debit card. You cannot use cash here. Moderate to heavily busy, the lunch here is an upscale cafeteria, with the seating comfortable and a terrific, open, full wall window views of Central Park. Its expensive for sure, but they have top notch food usually, theme days, such as sushi, and staples like a deli, salad, salad bar in the middle island, snacks, burgers, steaks, salmon, pasta, and some more traditional American foods. Its not quite as good as The Lodge in the Viacom building (which has a nice outdoor area patio), that place rocks the shiznit, but its solid, the view is great, and its just a wonderful place to eat if you are part of the TW family.

The nice part is people watching TW employees, who dress a little more appropriately than I do for work, and how they are different from the office I work in in terms of demeanor and style. Its just nice to see, compare and contrast. You could be sitting next to a president and not know it. I love that about life.

Oh and there's hot sauce everywhere. And the grill man is really funny.

Beyond that, a lot of stuff and events are held here, I think its an RA run place (Restaurant Associates), which is probably the largest catering company in the city.