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Practically all of our usual "objects of derision" are in the NYT this week! First, there was the Julia Allison-as-Carrie Bradshaw debacle, with her beta female Mary Rambin pictured, and former Glamour dating blogger (although we once called her a specialblogger) Alyssa Shelasky offering quotes... And now, Mike "Edgy English Teacher" Cherico, the fired Glamour dudeblogger who freaked out women across L.A. county, is featured 'cause he's looking for an agent! For a book! A very, very special book about "the rise and fall of a dating blogger." They quote Alyssa again. (Second verse, same as the first!) "I would say I wrote a blogging column for Glamour, and actresses and models would give me their number," Cherico told the Times. Really? That works? [NYT]