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I've never quite understood the point of Scribd. Some describe the startup as a "Flickr for documents," except just about any blog platform lets you post documents. At last I'm clear: Scribd is an elaborate excuse for its investors to hold lavish parties. Ed Kinsey, the former CFO of Ariba best known for buying a $22 million house in Atherton before the bubble burst. Kinsey, an angel investor in Scribd, threw a one-year anniversary party Saturday night. On the menu: Caviar on potato chips, vodka shots, lamb chops, a full in-house sushi station, cocktails chilled on a martini-shaped ice sculpture. (These details are courtesy of Joey Wan's Flickr set.) Reports another attendee:

You guys should cover Scribd's posh anniversary party from Saturday night.

Location: Ariba billionaire Ed Kinsey's "modest" $22 million dollar home. Looks like it belongs to English royalty. His basement houses a stable of vintage sports cars from the '60s through the '90s, from Shelby Cobra to Aston Martin.

Michael Arrington and some of his kids from TechCrunch came, as did Paul Graham from Y Combinator, plus some other bigwigs I didn't recognize.

Trip, Scribd's CEO, looks like he's twelve - and is quite the overconfident Harvard kid. How the VCs let him run a company of 11 people is beyond me.

Any other reports on the "bigwigs" in attendance? Send them in or leave them in the comments. Better yet, someone get a copy of the catering bill and post it on Scribd.

(Photo by Joey Wan)