Oh my! Johnny Depp, "subversive" entertainer of children, is very likely going to be the next spokesman for Trojan brand prophylactics. Specifically, uhm, the "Magnum" sized line of the gentleman's product that is typically used by sailors. Depp hasn't officially signed on, but as a "source" (hilariously) stated: "He's very interested and he's trying to figure out if he can fit it in." The ad company has a slogan all lined up in the hopes that Capt. Jack Sparrow (a sailor) follows through: "Stand up with Johnny for safer sex." The ribald, off-color advertisements will most likely appear in picture houses during a shore leave. Land lubbers are not expected to be influenced by the ad because, well, that would be like wearing a raincoat in the shower! [Showbiz Spy] After the jump, a saucy video-pamphlet for jimmy hats that was banned from the airwaves.