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A helpful operative happened to notice a Banksyian homage to everyone's favorite cultural-attaché-seeking (or maybe seeking no longer? We'd love a hiring update!) superproducer-entity, Brian Grazer. They write in to explain:

I was mountain biking the other weekend and spotted this stenciled Brian Grazer image spray painted on a traffic light control box at the intersection of Sunset Blvd and Allenford.

What struck me was not just the fact that the image was done in a stenciled, pouting motif a la the latest Stallone Rambo movie posters, but also that this little icon was placed at an major intersection no more than 1/2 of a mile from the producer's house as the crow flies...Since so many people seem to be mourning the loss of the graven Grazerhead image, perhaps this may serve as a suitable replacement?

Indeed, we too were saddened by the forcible retiring of the infinitely expanding, Grazer-approved headshot known as Grazerhead—a parting gesture inflicted upon us by Defamer editor-at-large Mark Lisanti on his way out the door. So we'll throw it open to you, Grazerhead Nation: Is the grimacing, beshinered Grazer adorning the traffic light box worthy of taking the original's place? By way of options, we'll also throw this portrait into the running, shot by photographer Martin Schoeller—he of the female bodybuilder photos that so beguiled Mayor Villaraigosa.