That Can't Possibly Be Lara Flynn Boyle, Can It?

After seeing these photos of Lara Flynn Boyle signing autographs at Mr. Chow last night, we're honestly wondering whether or not those fans even knew whose John Hancock they were requesting. Boyle, mostly remembered either for her crazy skin-and-bones years while dating Jack Nicholson or that flouncy ballerina dress she wore to the 2003 Oscars, is now under suspicion by the weeklies of going under one (or seven) wild surgery procedures. And while our before-and-after photos after the jump make their assertion difficult to protest, we're also wondering if this new look has anything to do with a little film she just completed called Life Is Hot In Cracktown.

The images on the left were taken over the weekend, and it's hard not to notice how different Lara looks now as compared to the two on the right, taken in 2006. Her cheeks are a bit more bloated, her lips a little poufier, normally signifiers of collagen and some kind of cheek implants. But...

That Can't Possibly Be Lara Flynn Boyle, Can It?


A quick breeze through her upcoming projects reveals the fact that Lara recently completed work on Life Is Hot In Cracktown, which is based on a book that details several characters' experiences with crack use in the inner cities. Instead of jumping on the plastic surgery assumption bandwagon, we're gonna give Lara the benefit of the doubt here and assume this new get-up is all a part of some grand Kutcherian plan. At least, we're hoping it is.


[Photo Credits: Getty, Barcroft]