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The new 90210 has its first cast member, and (yipee!), he's got a blog. Here's what we know so far about 22-year-old Dustin Milligan, who previously played the CW series lottery with a starring role in Runaway:

· He's Canadian, à la Priestley.
· He's created colloquialisms.
· Given the choice, he would prefer not to be farted on by fellow plane passengers.
· He thinks Facebook should be called Lamebook.

...And his agent is pulling the plug on his online diary as we speak.

Milligan is set to play Ethan, who, according to a recently leaked character breakdown, is a jock who falls out of favor with the cool kids and into the 90210 crowd, who are of course, way cooler in their own improbably unique way. Now all he needs is his Naomi Bennett, the super hot and rich ex whose bitchiness belies hidden depths. Might we suggest, to whichever lucky lady is cast, a dose of beano before the first table read?

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