Last night at Central Park's Wollman skating rink, fancy stars like That Lady from a Soap Opera, The Guy from SUV Who Always Gets Too Close to the Case, and the Countess de Lesseps from Real Housewives of New York City all came out for "Skating With the Stars - Under the Stars," an event that Donald Trump had something to do with. Tim Murphy was "on the scene" for New York magazine, deadpanning questions to skating celebrities Evan Lysacek, who knocks down the gay rumors by gabbing about his Heatherette costumery, and Johnny Weir, who once again ably acknowledges and dodges a gay baiting question. Murphy also talked to the Countess, who reminds us that she is, in fact, a Countess. And finally he nabbed the Donald, who mumbles something about having a lease on the rink then runs away. (Making it possible to call Donald Trump "a guy who rents a skating rink downtown.") Watch the funny video here, and if, you want more Johnny Weir (and who doesn't??), after the jump you'll find the most dramatically hilarious end to a skating routine ever.