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Keanu Reeves, who hasn't made moviegoers go "Whoa" since he chose the red pill 9 years ago, tells that a third Bill & Ted movie is still on the table. Revealing a heretofore unknown "decades" rule in Bill & Ted filmmaking, the actor said "The most serious we [Reeves and pal/co-star Alex Winter] ever got was a few years ago. I had once mentioned about doing it when we were 40. Now maybe the only shot we have is to do it when we're 50. Ted Theodore Logan and Bill S. Preston, Esquire, at age 50? Bogus!

Since the actors will clearly be well past their "party on" prime, we here at Defamer would like to pitch that they play fathers to a new generation of phone-booth time-traveling dimwits (quick casting call: Chad Michael Murray and McLovin). Only after reuniting with their favorite historical characters at the big San Dimas High football season ender do they remember their rocking ways. After all, as Reeves says, the Wyld Stallyns live "in each and every once of us." Sometimes we just need a sequel to bring them out.