Today's Most Tolerable April Fool's Pranks

Above, the official front page of Sam Zell's media concern, Tribune Company, renamed, today, ZellCoMediaEnterprise. Their false front page amused us the most primarily for its thinly-concealed tone of pessimism&mcash;check out the Tribune DEBToMETER! Also: funny pictures of dogs. Bucking the internet cat trend! After the jump, a couple more of the better-crafted 2008 April Fool's Jokes of the Web:

  • Time Out Chicago apparently managed to convince some that their new publisher was Donald Trump.
  • Hipster Book Club was pretty funny today. Our favorite post, primarily because of its use of the word "limned," is this book review by "Juniko Katutani."
  • Daily Candy demonstrated an alarming sense of self-awareness today with posts, like this one offering celebrity skin flakes, that were more or less indistinguishable from their normal fare.
  • The UK papers went over-the-top, with the Telegraph and the Mirror collaborating with the BBC on a "flying penguins" story that was just an ad for the BBC.