Katie Holmes Haircut Turns Cruise Family Into Identical Triplets

Before her marriage to Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes was not considered to be much of a fashion chameleon. Her Dawson's Creek era hairstyle — an unassuming, just-out-of-bed look — matched her sense of style, and there was no reason for her to frequently change her look to keep up with the times. But then came Tom. And Suri. And Posh. And suddenly, Katie's "look" was something to be observed, altering rapidly with each life change, and now, her brand-new page boy cut is a certifiable oddity. We put together a montage of the various styles that Katie has undergone in the last two years; strangely enough, as her hair has gotten shorter and shorter, her transformation has resulted in an eerie resemblance to both Tom's silky cut and little Suri's bob.

First, we reminisce on Katie back in 2006, when she could let her hair loose and long, uninhibited by friendships with severely bobbed Victoria Beckham and uninfluenced by Tom's irresistibly silky sheen. And this February, Katie had made her way into serious short territory. And now? Her cut looks like Mary Stuart Masterson's circa Some Kind Of Wonderful. Perhaps she's prepping for another marathon?

Katie Holmes Haircut Turns Cruise Family Into Identical Triplets


[Photo Credits: Getty, Revealing Entertainment]