In October 2006, 19 year old Ashley Grills, posing as a romantically-inclined boy named Josh Evans, sent 13-year-old Missourian Megan Meier a MySpace message: "the world would be a better place without you." Later that night, Meier hanged herself. Now Los Angeles police are prosecuting. Their target? Not Ashley Grills, interviewed by Good Morning America in the clip above. Prosecutors say Grills was just acting on the behest of her employers: Meier's neighbors, Curt and Lori Drew. Granted immunity, Grills will take the witness stand against them. Late last year, it looked like MySpace might face legal trouble for its role in Meiers's death, but after police in Missouri refused to press charges against the Drews, the Fox Interactive company dodged that bullet, positioning itself as a victim of the Drews' fraud. Just like Meier.