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A former Starbucks employee named Mary-Elise Smilek says she was fired after four years with the company, just because she couldn't attend last month's mandatory 3-hour retraining session/ PR stunt. She had a midterm to study for. Harsh! Now she's the subject of much debate among the bored employees and company drones at the Starbucks Gossip blog. Some say she's a hoax; some say she's a victim; and the most hardcore corporate robots say: she got what she deserved for not completely dedicating her life to the Starbucks cause!

I would like to mention a pet peeve of mine, as long as we're on the subject.

Partners always seem to put Starbucks second, the rest of their lives first. This might not sound unusual or annoying, but it is. ANY time a meeting or event or shift is scheduled outside of some partner's ridiculously thin availability, they complain and say there's no way they can go.

They will ALWAYS skip a shift or meeting at Starbucks. They will NEVER skip class, a shift at their other job, or plans they have with friends.

So you know what? If somebody does repeatedly refuse to come to meetings or events because they "can't", I can completely understand letting them go if it goes on too long.

But I still don't believe this story.

Posted by: waltie | Apr 1, 2008 8:15:31 AM