Veronica Belmont soft-quits Mahalo Daily, Jason CalacanisMahalo Daily host Veronica Belmont — the videoblogger whom Mahalo CEO Jason Calacanis once dubbed a "Rojas-level hire" , in a comparison to Engadget cofounder Peter Rojas — has announced she's "moving on to new projects." She'll host the show for a few more weeks and then later contribute as a correspondent. "This came out of nowhere," a Mahalo source tells us. Considering Belmont's working conditions, it shouldn't have been a surprise. Interviewed in the video clip below, Belmont — who lives in San Francisco — says she spends two weeks each month in Santa Monica. How did Belmont like the commute? "It's not optimal, but it gets the job done." Not anymore. But there is a winner here.

Veronica Belmont soft-quits Mahalo Daily, Jason CalacanisJason Calacanis's loss is Engadget blogger Ryan Block's gain. Belmont's commute left boyfriend Block with nothing to keep him happy but his shiny, shiny gadgets.


(Photo of Belmont and Block by b_d_solis, video by Andy Sternberg)