Brandon Holley, former EIC of Jane magazine, used to be "so Jane," in the magazine's words, because she rode horsies and played the drums. But now she has a new job: as EIC of Yahoo's just-launched web portal for women, Shine. Our take on the site? If Jezebel really had been bought by Conde Nast, as they joked about yesterday, this would be the result.

Case in point? "Madonna's back!" It's an ELLE exclusive. Is she really, though? More importantly, has she ever been gone? But that's one of the essential elements of women's mags and, apparently, women's blogs: playing along with the PR machine.

"Articles and original blogs will come from a range of sources, including Glamour,,, InStyle, Cosmopolitan, Harper's Bazaar, Women's Health, and Good Housekeeping," reported CNet. The site is meant to compete with iVillage's, but its "content and partner editors" will be what makes it different, according to Holley.

Like this sort of content?

Because their target demographic is about from 25-54, the site has a wide, confusing array of equally inane topics: parenting, at home, reader's blogs, (which can be chosen to be featured more prominently), healthy living, fashion and beauty, work and money. It links to "Red Meat Can Make You Skinny," from another Yahoo verticle, Yahoo Food. "Skip the Diet Soda" comes from Yahoo Health.

And some of the site's design? Well, you see what we mean: