· Times sure are tough for La Lohan these days. With her her bank accounts rapidly dwindling, it appears that she has been forced into indentured servitude alongside the likes of Surfer Dude and Spiky Tips as one of Harvey Levin's minions. All kidding aside, we have a quick note on Lindsay's performance: being able to laugh at yourself is important, but not nearly as important as making others laugh. Makes Pop Fiction look like Candid Camera. [TMZ]

· Long before The Mac Guy hit puberty, Jeff Goldblum was doing TV spots for Apple. Drunk. [BWE.tv]

· If you haven't seen Bjork's video for "Wanderlust" yet, stop what you're doing and click this ASAP. Somebody oughta throw a bucket of money at these Encyclopedia Pictura dudes, stat. Makes Beowulf 3-D look like Jaws 3-D. [Encyclopedia Pictura]

· And finally, In the greatest YouTube moment to come from the continent of Asia since Little Superstar, we gladly present you with Awesome Korean Drummer. [College Humor]