Who's had it better after the breakup? If you can't tell from the photo, our stalker and a delivery guy can explain it to you, after the jump.

At 135 W. 26th Street. I got in the elevator on the 8th floor and it went up to the 12th floor instead of down (I was going out to get lunch). No one got in, I pushed the close door button 10 times like every New Yorker and then the elevator stopped on the 11th floor. Geezus I thought, someone pushed every damn button. A delivery guy got on and someone in the hall yelled to hold the elevator. A scruffy-looking actor-type got in. He looked to me (who doesn't watch TV or most movies) like a younger Kevin Bacon, but what do I know!? The scruffy actor-type pulled out his cell phone and started typing. The delivery guy said, "Hey you look familiar." "Ethan Hawke," said the actor and extended his hand. "Whadaya doin' these days?" the delivery guy asked. "I have three movies coming out, hopefully one of them will be good," joked Hawke. Delivery guy: "Yeah, I saw you in, uhm, uhm, 'Gatttaca' I think was the last one I saw you in." "Yeah," Hawke said and stepped aside as I exited the elevator and walked out onto 26th Street to find lunch. Ironically, I also saw Uma Thurman on 3rd Avenue in the 50s about a week ago on my way to my therapist. I saw a v-e-r-y- tall blonde coming my way and looked her up and down (hey, I like girls!) and it turned out to be Uma Thurman, She was with some guy, but I didn't take notice of who it was (not that I would have known).

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