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An interesting intellectual exercise: in the absence of new content, how can you keep churning out thousands of words on "Sex And The City" in order to exploit every last bit of misguided interest in the HBO series about four fabulous friends in New York before the movie comes out, giving you another free faux-news hook to exploit for months more? The New York Daily News knows how: by re-imagining the series today. Still a bunch of rich 30-something women or whatever, with one key difference. Now, they would live in the outer boroughs. Revolution!

"But Sarah Jessica Parker says if the show were shot today, Carrie and company would likely live in the other boroughs, where excitement can be found without steep prices and stale ideas...

'[Manhattan's] expensive, and it's not what it used to be,' (said) Parker."

....who in real life lives in an astoundingly expensive town house in the West Village.

Today, supposedly, Carrie would live "in a spacious Carroll Gardens one-bed," Charlotte would move to "comparatively countrified Riverdale", Miranda would move to Red Hook "in search of a unique single-family home," and Samantha would "trailblaze into the still-transforming" Long Island City. As long as none of those motherfuckers have landed in Greenpoint yet, it's all good.