Perez Hilton made out with John Mayer. Perez Hilton made out with John Mayer. Perez Hilton... Kmart definitely Kmart... Johh Mayer - Oh hi there! Didn't see you. I was just bumbling down a shame spiral, still reeling from this hideous (maybe a stunt?) news. It's been a tough morning already, so let's take a little breather. You all love videos of crazy jam-out drummers, right? And I know you love aspiring Broadway diva Craig Stevens, our possibly-pretend geigh friend from the northern wilds of Inwood who started video blogging his New York adventures three short weeks ago. Though, I almost think that girlfriend Janine ("I ate a lot of Subway!") may be the real star here. She's funny and pleasant and, as far as I know, didn't make out with Perez fucking Hilton. Soothing videos after the jump.