While the Democrats continue to battle one-another in Pennsylvania, GOP presidential candidate John McCain has been touring the nation on his bus, in what he's framing as a personal, not political tour. But while the media was all over Barack Obama's vacation in the Virgin Islands, little has been reported on McCain's nine days in Rio de Janeiro. Though McCain himself has been remarkably open about the trip, describing his routine in Rio as "excessive drinking, nightclubbing and little or no sleep." The newly Rupert Murdoch-ified Wall Street Journal now tells us of McCain's whirlwind romance with a mysterious "Brazilian model."

"Exhausted from his full-throttle social life," Washington Wire tells us, "McCain nonetheless rallied to attend one last party." It was at that party that McCain met this model, whose name is still being withheld. Days later, McCain had to skip town—he's a busy man—but a correspondence was kept up.

McCain returned to Brazil at Christmas, for four days. He quickly met back up with his model, but ever-present chaperones kept their visits rather chaste. Until the last night.

"McCain went to the model's house for dinner but found the door unlocked. He let himself in and heard a voice call from the bedroom, "I'll be right out.'" And right out she was. And, according to McCain, "she was not dressed for dinner." Scandalous! Gross!

Also all of this happened in 1957.

Then McCain graduated from the Naval Academy and went to Vietnam and was tortured for a couple years and then he came back home and cheated on his wife.

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