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Sad news, ladies. Even though the ink has yet to dry on the divorce papers his wife filed last week, Robin Williams has already been snatched-up anew. But what woman is man enough to take on the wacky-shirt-wearing, incessantly improvising, disgustingly hairy comedian? Meet Charlotte Filbert, a 27-year-old painter. The Enquirer claims that the two were introduced by Tommy Hilfiger's daughter, Ally of Rich Girls fame, six months ago. Yes, Robin was still married then, but Charlotte's no home wrecker. Robin and his wife had apparently been living separate lives for over a year, so that made him fair game ... we guess.

Anyone who can tolerate Robin Williams for more than five minutes earns our respect and admiration, so let's take a moment to find out a little more about Charlotte Filbert, shall we? According to her website, her love of painting "started at the age of 5, when her art was awarded first prize among 125 students. She knew then that this would be her future, that creating original art would be the focus of her life." So, we know she can triumph in the cutthroat world of kindergarten art class, but what can she do for us now? Happily, "Charlotte Filbert will create an original, based on your favorite colors. It's original art, made just for you." Savvy investors are urged to take her up on this offer, and buy a custom painting today. Who knows how valuable her work will become now that she's been anointed by America's most annoying funnyman? Besides, Picasso had a similar offer up on his website back in the day, and look how much his stuff is worth now.