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We are shocked (shocked!) to hear this, but word on the street is that the lovely and ever-growing multicultural soccer team united by Brad and Angelina isn't exactly getting along of late. According to Star, animosity and friction is growing among the four little Jolie-Pitts, with personalities growing bolder and fights getting messier. And, unsurprisingly, The Chosen One is allegedly on the brunt of most blows. Most disturbing of all? As a source claims, those cushy lips of hers are only getting bigger as a result of actual physical blows from her siblings:

"[Zahara] once clawed Shiloh's cheek after she tried to take her cookie...Angie gets worried when Shi plays with them...she always comes back with a scraped knee or a fat lip!"

The not-so-pretty picture painted by the source includes two distinct rivalries: one between Pax and Maddox, who favor pushing each other down, and the other between Zahara and Shiloh, often reaching its height over food. But it's not just the fact that the kids aren't getting along that has our image of the Perfect Family tainted; it's the similarities between this newly unveiled Jolie-Pitt household and that of the Spears kids that freaks us out the most. As another source puts it, "They eat fast food, pizza, chips and sugary soft drinks...Brad and Angie let them eat what they want because it brings harmony to the chaotic household." As long as there are no Cheetos or demands for "Mommy's lollipops" involved yet, we'll remain calm, but should Angelina show up wearing a tummy-baring tank top or accidentally drop a kid or two in the next few months, we're calling Child Services.

[Photo Credit: Babble]