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We knew we had felt an eerie vacuum in our lives during all those countless hours we spent bumping around the virtual universe at It wasn't until today, however, that we realized it wasn't our deflating lack of contact with the outside world, but rather the absence of Paramount movie clips epitomizing our 2-D avatars' deepest concerns. Thank God for licensing! and vMTV members will be able to express themselves with seconds-long video clips of movie one liners — say, Danny Zucko's "Be cool, huh?" from Grease — with the service called VooZoo. The application from Los Angeles-based developer FanRocket was introduced on social-networking site Facebook last month and on mobile devices Tuesday.

The PG-13-or-tamer snippets will cost and vMTV members about $1 and will play in a small window above avatars' heads inside the online realms. In addition to archive footage, Paramount hopes to use the application to virally market upcoming releases, such as Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Of course, the "PG-13-or-tamer" criterion sucks most (if not all) of the joy from this little exercise, disqualifying most of our favorite R-rated moments from Paramount winners like Coming to America, Chinatown, Zodiac and the must-have viral zenith of a pubescent Corey Feldman whacking Jason upside the head with a machete in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter. We presume an exception must be made for the catchphrase-rich There Will Be Blood, and worst-case scenario, we'll have plenty of snippets ahead from The Love Guru to symbolize those moments of virtual bitter disappointment with our old friends.