Remember when Heidi Montag endorsed John McCain? Well, she did and McCain responded gratefully and said that he was a big fan of Heidi's fake reality show, The Hills. This morning the presidential hopeful was on MSNBC's Morning Joe, and host Joe Scarborough said he was impressed with McCain's ability to tell a bald-faced lie like that, directly into the camera. (Um. His... his job.) McCain chuckled dutifully and then called Heidi "a very talented actress." HAHAHA. That is funny because the show is a reality show but it's mostly made up, and it would be fun if McCain were a sly devil like that, but actually he's just a befuddled old man who probably wasn't wearing pants during the interview. Then he and Scarborough chuckled grossly about, I'm assuming, the non-actress's boobiges. [Us] Video after the jump, watch like the first minute twenty five. Anything after that and your face will fall off.