George Clooney can do no wrong. He's the biggest star in the world even though no one sees his movies (we're looking at you, Leatherheads). Ladies wanna do him, guys wanna hang out with him. Even when he's telling a clearly rehearsed story about Britney Spears, as in the video above, he can't help but be rakish and charming.

Did you watch? See, totes charming, right? Now, compiled here for your convenience, are the five most interesting things we learned from that little exchange:
1) Clooney wears a robe while getting ready for bed.
2) Brittney Spears is his neighbor.
3) He has an assistant named Angel who sometimes lives in his guest house.
4) He is not afraid to grab a baseball bat and confront a robber.
5) He would make a terrible hostage negotiator.

That is all.