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Though hearing about some of the scary diet tactics used by stars last month was unnerving, the names associated with the far from healthy tips weren't earth-shattering: Nicole Richie, Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan are commonly featured in the weeklies when chatter of weight loss methods comes up. But the highbrow BFF team that is Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham isn't the standard source of speculation. Sure, they're incredibly thin despite pregnancies, but they've so far managed not to be outed when it comes to specific Desperately Seeking Thinness claims. But after a recent sighting at Madeo, Katie and Posh have officially topped the "scary" list of celebs who use outlandish methods when it comes to staying skinny...

As Life & Style reports in its latest cover story, the pair has a habit of ordering one incredibly low-calorie meal and splitting it, and even use the same trick when it comes to beverages. On a recent outing, "the two split a meal meant for one person, sharing a green salad sans dressing, one piece of fish and one side of steamed spinach. They also ordered one regular Coke and two glasses of ice." We don't know about you, but the last time we had the entirety of a meal like that, we were still starving. The worst part? According to one source, it's a practice Katie and Posh have been using for a while. L&S quotes a fellow regular at Madeo as saying, "They do it all the time. It's how they control calories." We suppose the only good news here is that the pair isn't resorting to laxatives and quick stops in the emergency room, yet. But as anyone who finds themselves staring into the abyss that is Posh's waistline after each new photo of her appears, we aren't completely surprised to hear that the Sherri Shephard voodoo doll doesn't exactly gulp down burgers and fries on a regular basis.

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