Working on CBS's Early Show seems a bit like serving time in a Soviet Gulag. No point in befriending anyone, as the ones who don't wish you specific ills may disappear one night without notice. The sad morning show lost another associate producer this week, we hear from a tipster who asked to not even be quoted off the record because CBS is "firing leakers" now. Scary! What's the story? We'll try to explain.

CBS's Early Show has been a ratings loser for a long, long time. Its now-former producer, Shelley Ross, used to swig tequila every afternoon and encourage co-workers to join her in on-the-job drinks. Joining her in cocktails was considered the only way to get on the good side of the notoriously "intense" show-runner. Ross and co-tyrant Laurye Blackford made few friends at the show, and both finally quit in shame after treating the staff there like shit for a year or so.

But even after Ross quit, her "mean girl" senior staff remain! The show still sheds talent left and right!

Last night, according to our tipster, Early Show staffers attended yet another going-away party. There are apparently 19 open slots, so maybe this is your chance to go work in network television! But be careful—the people who don't quit are generally fired. If you leak things, or appear on Page 6, you're gone.