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Who'll be the new man atop CNET's GameSpot come April 10, replacing newly fired Josh Larson? According to a tipster, it's Shawn Rose, currently at CNET's And the description of Rose's leadership abilities don't exactly inspire confidence.

the terrible irony, shawn rose should never have been hired to run tv in the first place, as he talks and talks his way into all kinds of crazy shit. now another suit replaces the suit they booted, and this one's wearing purple. he literally got nothing done at Y, and to date, has done nothing at CNET

Ineffectual managers from Yahoo? I've never heard the like! Anyone who's worked with Rose, let us know how accurate the description is. There's much more after the jump.

another examaple of how over-puffed-up yahoos wiggle into new digs and maintain that same level of low-productivity and paper pushing...

i'm a former cneter with friends at both companies, and it's just sad to see a good (though embroiled) talent like Larson go, for a sucker like Rose - all my contacts on the inside are literally scratching their heads... totally blindsided the team... they feel like chumps because no one told them this was coming

if Rose gets you in a room, he doesn't shut up... talks and talks, and his claim to fame that he'll invariably bring up to everyone he meets, is that he created some search engine that he sold to AltaVista some 10 years ago. Something I'm sure he made a few bucks on, enough to buy a small bit of vineyard up north, but something that is so entirely irrelevant to any current internet job it's laughable