It wasn't made up! Tinsley Mortimer does talk in weird, nonsensical sentences about strange things, like I imagine her to. New York magazine caught up with the socialite at the Takashi Murakami celebration at the Brooklyn Museum last night, and managed to get some choice quotes out of her, mostly about funny little Japanese things. Find some quotes after the jump. (Also, a personal vindication/hideous embarrassment: this was sent directly to me, and not to "tips." People are catching on.)

On her outfit for the evening:

I thought, I need to wear a lot of color. I'm sick of it being freezing. It's been teasing me every day. And now it's freezing again, though it wasn't the day before.

On Murakami's work:

I'm obsessed with everything in here. I want it all. I like the Japanimation sculptures, those anime creatures come to life. I love Japanimation. I love Sailor Moon. She, like, spins and glows light or something.

On there possibly being an anime character of her in Japan, where she's very popular:

Wow. I'm sure there's not. But I'd definitely like to have some superpower. Maybe I could snap my fingers and be instantly dressed in a pink poofy dress, and my hair would be automatically curled, since it's naturally straight. Snap my fingers and my hair would be curled. That's a great superpower. It might not change the world, but it would help me a lot. The hair takes some time.

On Guadalupe (her maid) and clouds:

I went outside yesterday and I was very tired but also happy because I could see a cloud that looked like my old hamster, Tim Daniels. He was named after one of daddy's tennis friends who liked to go see musicals and sometimes he would take me and Dabney to get ice cream cones and I'd always spill but Tim Daniels would say it's ok. He had a nice friend that he lived with named Arthur Meckleburg. We named our iguana Arthur Meckleburg. I was looking at the cloud for a while and then Guadalupe said 'Meez Tinsley, you have been outside for hours!' So I laughed and she made me some fishsticks and then I cried for a while and then she taught me how to do her Mexi-Dancing. It was a great birthday.

(OK, that last one's not real.)