Beyonce And Jay-Z Definitely, Maybe Getting Married Today: You Decide

Sometimes a celebrity marriage rumor comes along that you simply can't ignore. Photo agencies bombard you with visual proof, New York State court legislation is involved, and the very fact that the starry couple in question seems destined to stay together begin to haunt you throughout the day until you just can't stay quiet anymore. Today's are-they-or-aren't-they couple, of course, is Beyonce Knowles and Jay-Z. Rumors surfaced on Tuesday that the pair had filed for a marriage license upstate, and construction on the rapper's rooftop coupled with reports that floral arrangements and standard wedding gear chandeliers had been shipped to his penthouse are beginning to convince us that the longtime couple is finally tying the knot. We sort through all the fishy and not-so-fishy details after the jump, and leave it to you to tell us whether or not we should "bite the hook," as Bobby Brown would say.

As People reports today, the abundance of J and B's friends descending on New York today would lead observers to subconsciously envision the couple's wedding list come to life. Former bandmates Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland apparently booked a hotel room in New York last night, and TMZ captured Beyonce's mother Tina Knowles there today, though suspiciously clad in all black. And as we can see from these photos taken of Jay-Z's building's rooftop in Tribeca, flowers and tents all signal signs of "I Do"s to come. But this is a couple who have repeatedly shot down marriage rumors in the past, despite continuous reports to the contrary. Do pictures of orchids and tents a rumor justify? You tell us how all these collective rumors and visuals sit before we jump to any conclusions.

Beyonce And Jay-Z Definitely, Maybe Getting Married Today: You Decide


[Photo Credits: Splash News, Wireimage]