Another day, another reality show featuring D-list celebs premieres on basic cable. And last week was no exception, as MTV's Rock the Cradle made a strong showing right out of the gate. That's the program where children of washed-up musicians try to prove that they have as much talent as their parents. Unfortunately, the acorn falls pretty fucking far from the tree. As evidence, may we present Olivia Newton John's daughter, Chloe Lattanzi.

The above video definitely makes with the crazy, from Chloe's banshee-like warbling, to Olivia Newton John's pained reaction shots, to judge Belinda Carlisle's wild over-abundance of praise for that train-wreck of a performance.

In Chloe's defense, her "ears were out." But after listening to that, so are ours.


(Also, is it just us, or does Chloe resemble a certain toy we used to play with as a child?)