Woof! Our plagiarism dog is on the case, sniffing out copying. Journalism students at NYU are launching NYU Local, a "24-hour" campus news blog, and are plagiarism trouble already. An article from the official campus newspaper, Washington Square News, was on their site as a placeholder before pre-launch. But they put one of their writer's bylines onto the article, which has since been removed but is cached here. We hear that the advisor for this rowdy group is NYU Journalism Chairwoman Brooke Kroeger. We'd suggest a shorter leash! Update: the editors of Washington Square News say, "We were in contact with NYULocal's editors about this issue over the weekend. They promptly reassured us that this was a mistake — a leftover placeholder article from when they were designing their site, which has not yet launched. They apologized, [and] removed the article in question... we see no reason to doubt them on this matter and are satisfied with that response."