Page Six Magazine continues to publish the ramblings of Lydia Hearst and we love them for it! This week's installment of The Hearst Chronicles finds the publishing heiress weighing in on the presidential race. The great-granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst (who has dropped dad's last name, Shaw, faster than she dropped those 15 pounds to become a model) is tired of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama's "obnoxious" Hollywood endorsements and "petty" throwdowns. The heiress writes: "this young lady is pretty bored with the whole thing. Not only are the Democrats losing their grip on my vote, their divisive antics just might be driving my crowd away entirely." You hear that Hill and Barack? She's bored. Quick, put on something shiny! Meanwhile, we have a hard time believing that socialites would fault others for petty in-fighting. After all, they did practically invent the concept. Just ask Olivia Palermo who, after being literally elbowed from the society scene by Tinsley Mortimer & Co., has slinked back to The New School from whence she came. To see the scan, click the thumb and watch it grow!